Functional Medicine in Manhattan Beach

Practicing since 2004, Dr. Jamie has almost 20 years of experience in the realm of functional medicine. Together, you will look at your comprehensive health at your first consultation to see what actions can be taken to help rein in your health. If you suffer from a chronic illness and live in the Manhattan Beach area, our team is willing to help you set up your first appointment! 

We Serve The Manhattan Beach AreaFunctional Medicine in Manhattan Beach

We are proud to offer functional medicine services to Manhattan Beach and the surrounding community. Manhattan, California is known for its beautiful beach. Our office is located in Whittier. 

Individual Illness Means Individual Care

Functional medicine can be used to treat a variety of ailments, one of the primary uses for this particular practice is to treat chronic illnesses. After sitting down with Dr. Jamie and creating your personalized plan of treatment, you will begin working through different varieties, such as acupuncture, scientific medicine, aromatherapy, and talk therapy. No two treatment plans are the same, each one is uniquely catered to the patient, with a variety of treatments. Treatments that may be used can include scientific medicine, aroma therapy, acupuncture,  nutritional and lifestyle coaching.

Health is Mind With Matter

The old saying goes “Mind over matter,”  however that isn’t always the case. The chemicals released in our brain when emotions happen, such as the happiness chemical serotonin, boosts our mood, increases productivity and gives us more energy. Oxytocin has a similar effect. This is attributed to certain chemical rushes in the body, such as adrenalin. If there is a lack of these boosting hormones, it can cause your body to not function properly. We will dive into what other sources are creating the issue and try to correct 

Questions You May Have

What Does Functional Medicine Consist Of?

Functional Medicine looks at the whole picture, not just the scientific medical side. They take into consideration the emotional and mental health of their patients,  as well as pre-existing and outside factors, such as genetics, life stressors and hormonal changes.  Working one on one with patients to build a customized plan that is catered to their lifestyle and ailments. 

What Is Another Term For Functional Medicine? 

Oftentimes, you will hear the term “integrative medicine,” while this may sound different, it is actually an alternative term for functional medicine. Both terms identify the patient-centered, holistic care that we provide you.  

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If you are interested in approaching your chronic illness from a different standpoint, we are here to help you tackle it! Reach out to us through our Contact us tab or give us a call to book a consultation today! We can’t wait to meet you and get to know how we can help you the most!