Functional Medicine in Arcadia

Are you considering a functional medicine (FM) doctor in Arcadia, CA, for your health concerns? Is this something entirely new for you? If you live in Arcadia, CA, then you are going to want to call Dr. Jamie. The people of this community highly recommend her and the services that she has to offer.  

What Is Functional Medicine?Functional Medicine in Arcadia

Many people are unsure about how functional medicine really works. Traditional medicine and FM doctors are all trained in the same way. They hold a medical license to practice medicine; they just choose to practice in different ways. One prescribes medication to treat illnesses, and one uses natural remedies or natural medicine alternatives to treat illnesses. 

When you visit Dr. Jamie, you are going to make a series of appointments. Throughout these appointments, you will explain and discuss everything about your health concerns. You will also discuss your lifestyle, diet, physical activity, and more. This is to better determine the root cause of what is going on. Knowing the underlying causes can help us gauge the right treatment plan for you!

Frequent Questions That We Get

There are many questions that people have when it comes to alternative medicine. Dr. Jamie is always happy to provide information and knowledge to people about how this form of medicine works. Feel free to call us and ask the questions that you have. Here are a few questions that we get most often. 

Can You Prescribe Medication?

Yes, FM doctors have just as much approval to write prescriptions as traditional medicine doctors do. It is just a practice of theirs not to use these medications and focus more on natural treatments and holistic approaches. 

Do You Run Tests?

Yes, to better understand and see what is going on in your body, lab tests are run. With Dr. Jamie, this is typically done through an at-home lab kit that you send off.

Is It Worth Going To A Functional Medicine Doctor in Arcadia?

This is a personal question that has to be decided by you. If you are not accustomed to functional medicine practices and have had no luck with a traditional medicine doctor, what will it hurt? This could be just what you have needed to get answers. And sometimes simple shifts like lifestyle changes are the catalyst for improving one’s health!

We Love Helping The People Of Arcadia

Arcadia is a city located in Los Angeles County, California. There is a population of close to 60,000 residents who live there. Dr. Jamie loves this community that she has the opportunity to provide services. She even works with those in many of the surrounding areas

Let Dr. Jamie Help You

Call Dr. Jamie today to schedule your first appointment. Don’t put it off any longer. Take the plunge to live a healthier life. We can’t wait to hear from you.