Functional Medicine Experience:

Forming a Powerful Partnership

60-minutes of tailored in-person or online face-to-face time with Dr. Jamie

Focusing on wellness and your health, Doctor Jamie offers individualized medicine consultations including diet, lifestyle, stress management, and nutraceutical coaching via webcam or in-person. While Dr. Jamie is the expert, we consider you the boss of your own health. We’re here to partner with you so that you can actually feel better, look better, and begin healing. If you're looking for a holistic medicine doctor near you, we can help! Take advantage of our convenient online live consultations and start your healing journey from the comfort of your home.

The First Session: Comprehensive Health History + Diet, Stress, & Lifestyle Assessment + Lab Selection

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Once you book your online or in-person face-to-face session, you get to tell your story to a caring expert who will listen to you and begin to connect the dots of your past experiences and current symptoms. Integrative medicine takes your whole body into account. In this 60-minute online session with Dr. Jamie, we’ll take a deep dive into your health, family, and work history as we seek to identify the root causes of not just WHAT you’re experiencing, but WHY and HOW you’ve come to experience these health care issues.

In addition to reviewing your past lab work and any medications, supplements, or dietary protocols you’re on, Doctor Jamie will advise you on the medical labs that you need in order to acquire the most accurate, personalized data on how your body is functioning, or malfunctioning. These labs are almost always home test kits that are ultra-convenient and simple to administer. Once you’ve sent out your lab samples, you’ll schedule your second Functional Medicine session 5 weeks out.

Total Amount Patients Typically Spend at Initial Session ($275 Consult + Additional Labs):

The Second Session: Lab Interpretation + Diet & Lifestyle Protocol + Nutraceutical Program

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This is always an exciting session because here is where you’ll get some real answers and real healing direction. Our practitioner Dr. Jamie will have created a highly-detailed explanation of your laboratory results along with a personalized integrative medicine diet, lifestyle, and nutraceutical treatment protocol. In this session she’ll walk you through your lab results and your unique treatment plan, setting you up for success. Nutrition, grocery shopping, meal prep, meditation, breathwork, movement, and exercise, thought and speech habits, integrative medicine services, and socio-environmental positioning are often discussed with the goal of getting rid of chronic pain and promoting healing throughout your body. Patients can expect to purchase key nutritional supplements at this session.

Total Amount Patients Typically Spend at the Second Session ($200 Consult + Supplements):

The Third Session: Progress Evaluation + Re-Assessment of Diet, Lifestyle, and Nutraceutical Protocol

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You’ve been following Dr. Jamie’s treatment protocol for 2 months and now it’s time to evaluate your initial progress. At this session, we see how you’ve been responding to your lifestyle, dietary, and nutraceutical protocols, then reassess and modify your health care treatment plan accordingly. If you’re on an Adrenal or GI protocol, it is often at this session that we advance to the next wellness stage. As a part of integrative medicine services, we discuss short-term and long-term health goals along with sustainable habits and therapies to keep your mind sharp, your body strong, and your spirit at peace.

Total Amount Patients Typically Spend at the Third Session ($200 Consult + Supplements):

Follow-Up Sessions:

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You’ve been on your treatment protocol for about 4-6 months now. Many patients have seen noticeable improvements by now, and are eager to address secondary health concerns or go deeper with their treatment plans with a practitioner at our office. Follow-up sessions with Dr. Jamie will help to keep you accountable, encouraged, and motivated. These integrative medicine consultations will enable you to adjust your health protocols and strategies as you encounter and adapt to ever-changing life circumstances and exposures. If you're looking for a holistic medicine doctor near you, Dr. Jamie will provide you with ongoing support, expert counsel, education, and clinical care so that you can always feel empowered, resilient, and truly well.