Functional Medicine


Why Functional Medicine is Best

We live in a time when chronic diseases are at an all time high, and people want real solutions instead of another medication to cover up their symptoms. Conventional allopathic medicine, the current healthcare system, and the politics and economics of Big Pharma are foundationally NOT set up to heal chronic illness. They are a medication-focused institution of medical care that focuses more about treating the disease rather than treating YOU, the patient.

ENTER FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE. Functional Medicine is an evidence-based, personalized approach to healthcare that puts the patient, not the disease, front and center. You are seen as an integrated whole – mind, body, and spirit. FM doesn’t just ask “WHAT is the problem?” but asks “WHY has this person developed the problem?” and “HOW can this person be restored to optimal function with minimal intervention and with maximum benefit?”

IF YOU DON’T LOOK, HOW CAN YOU SEE? The Functional Medicine approach uses targeted laboratory tests to look “upstream” at the complex web of physiological interactions occurring deep within your body in order to see what’s really causing your “downstream” symptoms. Dr. Jamie uses these diagnostic tools to determine the critical imbalances that are at the root of all illness. No band-aiding here. No one-size-fits-all prescribing of medications or therapeutic agents. You are unique – from your genes and hormones to your metabolism and lifestyle. Your particular lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress, sleep, beliefs, thought habits, postural habits, etc) and the environment in which you live (city air pollutants, rural pesticides, toxins, xenoestrogens, etc) are confirmed causative factors of illness and disease. Dr. Jamie partners with you in a therapeutic relationship, working to connect the dots of your symptoms and to see clearly the constellation of your health within the context of your life story. Once the root causes of your health issues are uncovered, Dr. Jamie carefully designs a personalized treatment program for you to correct the imbalances so you can truly heal… so you can be truly well.