Functional Medicine in Chino Hills, CA

Oasis Healing Arts uses an evidence-based approach to healthcare that puts you, the patient, front and center. Some of the healing services we provide are acupuncture, health and wellness, optimal fertility, and therapeutic massage. We are located in Whittier, California, but we serve patients all over, including the Chino Hills area. So if you are looking for a doctor who wants to treat you, not just your symptoms, Dr. Jamie Chan-Ortega has you covered.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine in Chino Hills, CA

Dr. Jamie is a genuine healer and gives her patients the individual care they want and deserve. She treats your mind, body, and soul, not just the symptoms you present with. When it comes to treating your symptoms, we first need to take the time to understand every aspect of your health story. We do this by meeting with you and discussing your past medical history, family history, and other factors that can contribute to your health. This can also include your lifestyle, diet habits, genetics, emotions, stressors, and spiritual life. We may then do some lab work to help find the root causes of your problems. 

Your second visit with Dr. Jamie will focus on understanding the lab results and discussing a plan to get you feeling better. Dr. Jamie will design a unique treatment plan for your needs, including supplements, lifestyle and diet changes, and stress management techniques. 

Follow-up visits are typically scheduled every 2-3 months to monitor your progress.

Our Patients In Chino Hills

We love serving patients in the Chino Hills area. We are located in Whittier, California, about a 30-minute drive for most patients. Chino Hills has approximately 84,000 people and ranked one of the best places to live in Money Magazine.

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If you want a doctor who wants to treat you as a whole and not just your symptoms, give us a call today. We would love to schedule you an appointment with Dr. Jamie at your earliest convenience. We serve the Chino Hill community and the surrounding area.