Functional Medicine in Long Beach

Conventional medicine treats the symptoms as they arise, but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem causing the symptoms. Looking for alternative forms of medicine can help get to the actual problem. 

Functional Medicine in Long BeachFunctional Medicine in Long Beach

Have you been looking for a functional medicine doctor or trying to find an alternative to conventional medicine to treat your illnesses? Functional medicine may be what you have been seeking. If you are in the Long Beach, CA area there is an option for you with Dr. Jaime. 

Our Functional Medicine Approach

If you have been experiencing chronic health problems and don’t know what the actual cause for those issues are, Dr. Jaime can help with her functional medicine approach. Our staff will make you feel at home. We will begin by taking a full extensive health history and will take the time to listen to everything that you have to say regarding how you are feeling. Also, we will also ask you comprehensive questions about your lifestyle to get a whole picture of your health. 

We Help Patients Who Live In Long Beach

Dr. Jaime serves patients throughout the Long Beach area of Los Angeles County in California and surrounding areas. Her office is located in Whittier which is about a 30 minute trip for some patients. 

Frequently Asked Question

Alternative medicine can be daunting but here are some questions and answers that are commonly asked to help. 

What Is The Difference Between Functional and Integrative Medicine? 

These two methods of alternative medicine can be used together or separately. 

The integrative practice addresses the differing parts of the patients’ life. It takes into consideration the environmental, social, mental, physical, and emotional aspects of life when it comes to deciding on treatment. 

The functional practice of medicine is a more personalized approach. It focuses on helping the body function in the best way possible. It works on the mind, body, and soul for optimal healing. The use of functional medicine is a more holistic approach.  

What Is Alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine is the practice of medicine that is not conventional. It focuses on the body’s own ability to heal itself using personalized treatments, acupuncture, and other unconventional treatments. 

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If you are in the Long Beach, CA area and are looking for a functional medicine doctor contact us for a consultation. Our office looks forward to speaking with you!