Functional Medicine in Pasadena, CA

Dr. Jamie founded Oasis Healing Arts Wellness Center. She is a Functional Medicine practitioner who is a genuine healer and lifelong scholar. Dr. Jamie has been working with patients in California for numerous health issues, including anxiety, sleep issues, fatigue, weight loss, gut health, and allergies. She is here to help you get to the bottom of your health concerns and live a healthier and happier lifestyle. If you’re looking for a functional medicine doctor in the Pasadena, CA area, we can help!

Functional Medicine in Pasadena CA

What to Expect?

Integrative medicine combines traditional medicine and functional medicine approaches. Dr. Jamie focuses on the functional side. She believes in the doctor-patient relationship of finding the root cause of your health problems and helping your whole person, not just a symptom. Functional medicine is an evidence-based and personalized approach to healthcare. It puts the patient front and center and treats the whole mind, body, and soul. Functional medicine is not about asking what the problem is but asking why you are having this problem. Dr. Jamie gets to the bottom of your health issues by running lab tests, asking questions, and doing assessments.

In your first visit, you can expect to meet with Dr. Jamie and tell your story. She will connect the dots of your post and your current medical issues. She will also order labs to help tell her how your body is functioning.

During the second visit is where you will get answers. Our doctor will give you an explanation of your labs and a treatment protocol based on your underlying causes. She will also give you a unique treatment plan and set you up for success.

The next visit will be a two-month follow-up to evaluate your progress and see how you respond to the plan. If needed, your optimal health plan can be reevaluated and tailored at the visit.

After you have been on your plan for 4-6 months, you will have a follow-up session with our doctor to go over your success. You can also expect ongoing support, education, and care so you can stay in charge of your wellbeing. 

Patients in Pasadena, CA

Our office is located in Whittier, California, but we see patients from the surrounding area, including Pasadena, CA. Pasadena is a city located in Los Angeles, with approximately 150,000, making it the 9th largest city in Los Angeles. Pasadena is known for hosting the Rose Bowl football game and the Tournament of Roses Parade.

For More Information

If you want more information on Dr. Jamie or our functional medicine services here in the Pasadena, CA area, contact us. We can also be reached by phone or on the contact us form on the website. We look forward to meeting with you and getting you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.