Functional Medicine In Torrance

Dr. Jamie has been practicing for almost 20 years, starting in 2004 and offers patients the ability to meet one-on-one to build a plan that uniquely fits each patient’s needs. While incorporating both scientific medicine and holistic practices. 

Natural Approaches That Change Medicine

Functional Medicine In Torrance

Worried that it won’t work for you? No worries! Every plan is personalized and gives you the option to change what isn’t working for you. There is no giving up, just changing to get it right.  Functional medicine uses techniques to access the mind, as well as the physical body, through treatments like acupuncture and deep tissue massages! Accessing and healing your mental and emotional state is just as important as your physical state. Stress and trauma can take physical tolls on the body, slowing down your metabolism and speeding up your nervous system, causing the body to not process things, such as injuries or food, as quickly. This often causes a longer healing time of injuries. 

We Serve The Torrance Area

It is our pleasure to serve the Torrance area and other communities. Our office is located in Whittier, CA. If you are looking for more information about our office, then we ask that you please reach out today.

Compassion And Connection For A Healing Environment

Dr. Jamie uses compassion and connection to amplify her healing works, both medicinal and holistic. Doctor’s offices can be scary, however the best work is done when you feel safe and secure in a space. Schedule a consultation with us today. 

Questions You May Have About Functional Medicine 

What’s The Difference Between A Functional Medicine Doctor And A Traditional Doctor? 

Functional Medicine takes away the question of “what is happening” and replaces it with “why is this happening?”  What sets this practice apart from traditional medicine is focusing on the patient’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state.  There isn’t always an answer for “what,” at least not without a “why.” The “why” can be many things, relating to anything in any part of the body. Traditional Medical Doctors look at symptoms and how they’re affecting a patient, resolving the problem by treating the symptoms with prescriptions and treatments. Functional medicine aims to treat individual treatment plans to fit any kind of chronic illness and personal growth that you may want to do through functional medicine.

What Does A Functional Medicine Doctor Do? 

A functional medicine doctor integrates both the scientific side of medicine, as well as the holistic side. Incorporating mind and body work, with a one-of-a-kind plan to tackle the patient’s needs in a way that works for them. Practitioners spend time establishing a connection with their patients to help figure out what will best fit them and their lifestyle. 

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