Mothers – Are You Heavy Strong or Cheerful Strong?

 I am strong. Sometimes it comes naturally, a bold and confident energy, an ambition that flows effortlessly from my spirit. And other times, I have to be very intentional about it. My faith allows me infinite access to a power greater than me, because God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness. And surely there are times when I feel weak, unstable, and even fragile. But I believe in a great God who works His loving strength in me and through me, so that I might pour it out into the world, be a light unto others. And so, even when I’m weak, I’m strong in His Spirit. This is a spiritual truth that everyone can stand on.
These past few months have been nothing short of intense. Incredibly full, long work days. Simultaneous changes occurring in my business and in my home life. Big changes. Ultra big changes on top of the fullness of everyday life raising my children and running my business. And then… sickness. A full two weeks of a stubborn head cold. And… And… it’s so tempting to share all of it… But I won’t go on with my list… because everyone’s got their lists of tasks and responsibilities and challenges. No need to speak on them more. You just gotta handle your business. Embrace the fullness of your life, with all it’s challenges and all it’s unexpected happenings, with grace and strength.
STRENGTH. I know I’m strong. Many mothers are strong. But what is the tone of our strength? Are we serious strong? Always-about-business-and-chores strong? Are we regimented strong? So loaded down with all our roles that we are heavy with all this strength we’ve got to demonstrate? OR… are we cheerful strong? Can we be that full-of-gratitude-and-joy type of strong because we are ALIVE; because we are able to work and to labor with our brilliant minds and able hands; because we are blessed with the privileged assignment of raising and teaching healthy, beautiful children; because our lives are so FULL and this fullness of life is actually a fantastically great thing?!?!
We are strong. But let us be joyful in our strength and in all our daily doings. Not grumpy strong. Not stressed strong. Not plowing-like-an-ox strong that all we see is our work work work. Rather, let us be truly, positively strong, in the best sense of what STRENGTH is. JOYFUL. Focused on the Good. Strength that is Beautiful and full of Grace. Patient. Hopeful. Optimistic. Pleasant to be around. Smiling! Infectiously Cheerful! Let’s demonstrate a true strength that lifts others up instead of brings them down with the weight of our hard work, sacrifices and endless to-do lists. This is life. This is motherhood. Working mothers and single mothers – the load is even greater. But God gives you strength. Be of good cheer! God has overcome the world.